jueves, enero 05, 2012

Acuerdo para bajar el Flight simulator de MS

Otra diferencia importante entre el software libre y el propietario es esta clase de "acuerdos". Por ejemplo para acceder a la beta (versión de prueba) del juego Flight Simulator, hay que aceptar estas condiciones:

Microsoft Flight – Terms of Use and Nondisclosure Agreement

By playing the Microsoft® Flight beta, you acknowledge that everything related to this beta is confidential and should be treated as confidential. Please keep in mind that features you see in this beta may change or be removed in the final version and those features should always remain confidential.
1. Do not take photos, videos, or audio recordings of the beta software.
2. Do not post photos, videos, or audio recordings of the beta software on any venue.
3. Do not describe any part of the beta software on any venue except the official Flight Beta Connect website.
4. Do not allow others to play or watch you play the beta software.
5. Do not leave the beta software running unattended. 
6. Do not leave the official Flight Beta Connect website running unattended.
7. Do not threaten or abuse other participants in the beta software or on the official Flight Beta Connect website.
8. Do not attempt to hack, modify, decompile, reverse engineer, or otherwise tamper with the beta software.
9. Do not attempt to hack or otherwise interrupt the official Flight Beta Connect website.
10. Do not attempt to copy or redistribute the beta software.
11. Do not provide your download token to someone else. It is meant for you only.
12. ALL content related to this beta, including beta announcements and other e-mails, screenshots taken by yourself or other beta participants, Microsoft surveys related to Microsoft Flight, forum posts, bugs, the game itself, and any other content or communications related to the beta are confidential and not to be shared with any other person or venue outside of this beta.
13. You understand that you will be using beta software which, while unlikely, may cause crashes or other errors on your PC, and agree to use the software at your own risk. Microsoft will not be responsible for repairing or replacing personal equipment that may be damaged as a result of using beta software.

By submitting the application survey below, you are giving your consent to receive e-mails from Microsoft that are related to this beta and agreeing to maintain confidentiality. Violations of these Terms of Use and Nondisclosure Agreement may result in being banned from the beta and/or legal action.

O sea, tenes que aceptar que si haces una captura de pantalla te pueden hacer un juicio. En el software libre esto es impensable, aunque tampoco he visto que el software libre genere un simulador de esta calidad. en otros rubros el SL produce mejores resultados que el software privativo, pero generalmente no ocurre con los juegos :(

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